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Agent J
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Character Name: Agent J
Series: Elite Beat Agents
Gender: Male
Age: Twenties (if he’s hit 30 he’s in denial about it)
Species: Human
Sexuality: Straight

Appearance: The first thing people notice about J is his hair. There’s a good reason for that: it is, in a word wild. J takes care to style his dark blonde hair into a striking pompadour with a massive swirl at the end that would put even Princess Leia to shame. He couples this with sideburns that spike out at his jaw line and a style that flips out in those same spikes at the base of his neck. Somehow, J makes it work. The man is proud of his ‘do.

J clocks in a just under six feet (yes, counting the hair) with a pretty solid build. He tends to wear the standard EBA uniform: snazzy black suit and slacks, black tie, white dress shirt, and black shoes. He sports sunglasses with brown-tinted lenses and always carries around a mic. He won’t have that mic with him when he arrives in Manhattan, but he’s keeping the shades. You do not take an Agent’s shades.

Personality: The best part about J is, he’s great at what he does and he knows it. He’s got the self-assured confidence of somebody who knows what they’re doing and how to do it right. That confidence is strong enough to transfer into activities he’s never done before – he’ll give just about anything a shot and he’ll walk into it a hundred and ten percent certain he’ll succeed. Deep down, he’s proud of the fact that he’s doing good as an Agent, and he won’t hesitate to help anyone who needs it. On the surface, he’s a pretty cool guy – he can be laid back, casual, contribute to the conversation with an occasional good-natured zinger – until the call for a mission comes in.

The worst part about J is, he’s great about what he does and he knows it. That confidence has a habit of turning into arrogance, especially when he’s doing something he considers easy or is around someone with less experience than he has. He has a penchant for showing off, and he’s a bit too concerned with his image (dude, have you seen the hair?). His confidence can and will backfire – J’s gotten himself in over his head before. He’ll also be pretty upset in the event of failure, being humiliatingly one-upped, or getting knocked down a few pegs by someone with a good head on their shoulders (more often than not Chieftain).

J also likes to think he’s a ladies’ man. He’s not as bad as some other people, but he’s definitely gotten slapped a few times.

Abilities: J’s main ability as an Agent is to hear the beat of the world around him. Everyone and everything gives off a different vibe, and they intertwine to make life’s music. It’s that beat and that music that he follows while he’s dancing, and it gives him the ability to encourage and empower people far beyond their normal limits. His dancing helps people, and man, he is a really good dancer. He’s also had going on five years of experience in the EBA, so he definitely knows what he’s doing. Problem is, this Manhattan’s got virtually no life music. Nothing. Nada. Even the faintest of beats is tough to hear, and if he can’t hear it, how can he dance to it? No, J’s powers of encouragement are virtually nonexistent in Manhattan. He’s still got a bit left in him, but it’s not going to help anyone accomplish anything huge.

‘Course, dancing’s not everything. As long as his arrogance doesn’t get in the way, J’s pretty good at keeping his head in a crisis, and he’s always determined to pull through – sometimes it’s just been sheer determination that got him to the end of a mission. He’s also quick on his feet and quick-witted, and for what it’s worth, he’s an okay singer and an accomplished beatboxer. He can also drive just about every vehicle known to man and a few that look like they just flew off the set of a science fiction movie.

Weaknesses: Physically, J is a very average guy dropped in a city with very dangerous creatures. He’s quick, but he’s not much of a fighter – any encounter with a crab will likely have him running in the opposite direction, at least for a little while. He’s pretty sturdy, but he’s human – if you knock him down hard enough, he won’t get back up.

Personality-wise, he’s arrogant. It doesn’t show up all the time, and it doesn’t always get very bad, but when it does, it comes with a good bit of stubbornness and selective vision – sometimes he won’t see that doing it his way is dangerous or just plain stupid, or he’ll see it and do it his way anyway. He can also be a bit condescending sometimes – not often and not extremely, but condescending nonetheless.

Manhattanite or outsider? Outsider

History: Technically, that’s classified. Talk to J, though, and he’ll tell you he’s always been the cool guy, the awesome performer that everyone looked up to and wanted to hang out with. According to J, he’s always been that way. Goodness knows how much of it is true, but while the official file is still under lock and key, it’s the best you’ll get about J’s life before the EBA.

There’s a good deal more information about his activities as an Agent. In his years as an EBA, J has been on a multitude of missions, doing his best through song and dance to encourage people to achieve beyond their normal means. He’s been pretty successful with it, too – hey, did he ever tell you about that time he helped the retired baseball player take down a fire-breathing golem at an amusement park? Yeah, that was awesome (never mind that he’s not supposed to talk about missions to anybody but other Agents). Either way, J’s been doing this for a while and he’s gotten pretty good at it.

Even though he’d seen a good amount of really strange stuff (see: fire-breathing golem), J still wasn’t prepared for the Rhombulans to show up. This alien race invaded Earth swiftly and brutally, turning anyone who produced music into stone. There was a very long, oppressively silent night before the people of the world had had enough and began to call for the Agents. Who could resist a call like that?

Not J. He, along with the rest of the Agents, showed up on the scene and motivated the people to take on their Rhombulan captors. That backfired just a bit when the Agents, seeing the people in danger after their escape, pushed them out of the way and got turned into stone themselves.

In most cases, that would be the end of it. That day, however, one small girl found the hope to believe in the Agents, and her hope soon spread to others, starting a rhythmic encouraging chant that grew so loud and so powerful it broke the Agents out of their stony imprisonment.

That was all the cue any of them needed. Invigorated, they danced their hardest and stirred the people into a musical frenzy, creating a beam of pure musical energy that shot into the sky and destroyed the Rhombulan mothership. That was the end of that alien invasion. Mission Complete.

That night was the biggest party J had ever seen (and boy, according to him he’s been in some crazy ones) – it’s hard to beat a worldwide celebration. The EBA had their own party back at HQ, which got plenty rowdy on its own. J had an awesome night – possibly the best night ever – and then woke up the next morning in a city that looked worse than anything he’d ever seen. Oops.

Social capital

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